adj., v., n., & adv.
—adj. (fitter, fittest)
1 a (usu. foll. by for, or to + infin.) well adapted or suited. b (foll. by to + infin.) qualified, competent, worthy. c (foll. by for, or to + infin.) in a suitable condition, ready. d (foll. by for) good enough (a dinner fit for a king). e (foll. by to + infin.) sufficiently exhausted, troubled, or angry (fit to drop).
2 in good health or athletic condition.
3 proper, becoming, right (it is fit that).
—v. (fitted, fitting)
1 a tr. (also absol.) be of the right shape and size for (the dress fits her; the key doesn't fit the lock; these shoes don't fit). b tr. make, fix, or insert (a thing) so that it is of the right size or shape (fitted shelves in the alcoves). c intr. (often foll. by in, into) (of a component) be correctly positioned (that bit fits here). d tr. find room for (can't fit another person on the bench).
2 tr. (foll. by for, or to + infin.) a make suitable; adapt. b make competent (fitted him to be a priest).
3 tr. (usu. foll. by with) supply, furnish (fitted the boat with a new rudder).
4 tr. fix in place (fit a lock on the door).
5 tr. = fit on.
6 tr. be in harmony with, befit, become (it fits the occasion; the punishment fits the crime).
—n. the way in which a garment, component, etc., fits (a bad fit; a tight fit).
—adv. (foll. by to + infin.) colloq. in a suitable manner, appropriately (was laughing fit to bust).
Phrases and idioms:
fit the bill = fill the bill. fit in
1 (often foll. by with) be (esp. socially) compatible or accommodating (doesn't fit in with the rest of the group; tried to fit in with their plans).
2 find space or time for (an object, engagement, etc.) (the dentist fitted me in at the last minute). fit on try on (a garment). fit out (or up) (often foll. by with) equip. fit-up Theatr.
1 a temporary stage etc.
2 a travelling company. see (or think) fit (often foll. by to + infin.) decide or choose (a specified course of action).
fitly adv. fitness n.
Etymology: ME: orig. unkn.
1 a sudden seizure of epilepsy, hysteria, apoplexy, fainting, or paralysis, with unconsciousness or convulsions.
2 a sudden brief attack of an illness or of symptoms (fit of coughing).
3 a sudden short bout or burst (fit of energy; fit of giggles).
4 colloq. an attack of strong feeling (fit of rage).
5 a capricious impulse; a mood (when the fit was on him).
Phrases and idioms:
by (or in) fits and starts spasmodically. give a person a fit colloq. surprise or outrage him or her. have a fit colloq. be greatly surprised or outraged. in fits laughing uncontrollably.
Etymology: ME, = position of danger, perh. = OE fitt conflict (?)
n. (also fytte) archaic a section of a poem.
Etymology: OE fitt

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